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A comprehensive self-help exercise-based approach to treating neck and back pain


The book, Overcome Neck & Back Pain, now in its 4th edition, presents a comprehensive self-help exercise-based approach to treating these problems.

This worldwide standard text shows you how you can overcome neck and back pain by following a straightforward four-part program.  85% of all Australians suffer from neck and back pain – the figures are very similar for Europe and the Americas.  Frequently these people have tried everything from manipulation and acupuncture to physiotherapy and in some cases surgery with varying degrees of success.

The method described here provides a proven program that in most cases will enable you to overcome your back pain permanently.  By careful self-analysis of the problem and then through stretching, strengthening, relaxing and improving your posture, you will experience a remarkable improvement in your back and neck problems as well as an overall sense of improved well-being.  Using the principles of Eastern and Western medicine, Kit Laughlin has designed a system that provides a way to stop back and neck pain, and which will protect you against future injury.

This is the book that started a revolution in treating neck, middle and lower back problems – and a method that explicitly recognises the necessity of the patient being actively involved in the treatment. The book has been glowingly reviewed in all the peak medical journals as well as massage, shiatsu, chiropractic and complementary medical journals. The book has many hundreds of large clear photographs, showing precisely how to do the important exercises, many all-new anatomy illustrations, and simple effective descriptions too.

Chapter one takes you through the self-diagnosis step by step.

Chapter two discusses stretching: the hows and whys of the main recommendations of Overcome Neck & Back Pain.

Chapter three contains the basic pain-relieving exercises for the hips and lower back.

Chapter four introduces the first ‘partner-assisted’ exercises. A friend can help, or a practitioner familiar with body work.

Chapter five shows the middle back exercises.

Chapter six presents the neck exercises. All can be done on a chair and are recommended for office workers and computer users.

Chapter seven shows stronger additional exercises.

Chapter eight takes you through the shoulder exercises; some of these stretch muscles and other soft tissue in the arms, too.

Chapter nine outlines the strengthening exercises which, together with the stronger stretching exercises, will afford a measure of protection for the future.

Chapter ten takes you through the reasons for including relaxation techniques as part of the larger approach to overcoming your problems.

Chapter eleven discusses the various causes of neck and back pain from a number of perspectives beginning with western medicine.

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