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How to sleep better

Want to sleep better? Here are 5 sleep hacks you can start tonight! If you google sleep, then one of the top questions people will ask in the search bar is “how to sleep better?”.  It seems that millions of people are having issues with sleeping these days – it’s an epidemic, as more than…


limitless health stretch therapy part 2 living limitlessly

PODCAST/VIDEO #3: Kit Laughlin (Part 2)

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 with Kit Laughlin talking about Stretch Therapy. Here is Part 2 where he imparts just as much wisdom, if not more, than in the last video…so if you’re all about living limitlessly, his information is for you!


Neck and shoulder pain Living Limitlessly

VIDEO: Neck and Shoulder Pain

As a sufferer of neck and shoulder pain from 2 car accidents, I have spent many years trying every technique, cream, therapy and gadget under the sun to hack and ease the tension and pain. This pain eventually became a trigger for my migraines on occasion as well.


Migraine an introduction Living Limitlessly

MIGRAINE: An introduction

A Phenomenon The World Health Organisation (WHO) Atlas of Headache Disorders (2011) states that half to three quarters of adults aged 18 – 65 years in the world have had headaches in the last year.  Of this figure 10% have migraine, and 1.7 – 4% are affected by headaches on 15 or more days every…


Limited Migraine Living Limitlessly

VIDEO: Migraine – there is hope

My whole life, I’ve always suffered from headaches, although they were generally manageable with a couple of pain killers. In 2010 I suddenly began suffering from chronic migraine. At its worst, I would have 2 x 3 day migraines in a week.


Limitless Health Kit Laughlin Living Limitlessly

PODCAST/VIDEO #2: Kit Laughlin (Part 1)

How I discovered Stretch Therapy…I have been practicing yoga for over a decade. Of course, my flexibility, range of movement and general health has improved over the years because of it.