PODCAST/VIDEO: #9 – Bill Harris

A Limitless Mind with Bill Harris & Holosync Bill Harris is all about a limitless mind.  Bill has been a personal development seeker, teacher, public speaker, author, therapist, workshop leader, and business owner for more than 35 years, and has become one of the world’s best-known personal growth teachers.  A featured teacher in The Secret,…

Dr Andrew Hill Limitless Mind Living Limitlessly

PODCAST/VIDEO: #8 Dr Andrew Hill (Part 2)

Dr Andrew Hill talks truBrain Last week’s post introduced Dr Andrew Hill – the founding director and lead neurotherapist at Peak Brain Institute.  In part 1 we talked about alternate treatments for substance abuse; using PIR HEG for migraine pain & how everyone should get educated about their brain. In part 2 of this interview…

Dr Andrew Hill Limitless Mind Living Limitlessly

PODCAST/VIDEO: #7 Dr Andrew Hill (Part 1)

Introducing a Limitless Mind with Dr Andrew Hill This week’s interview is with Dr Andrew Hill, the founding director and lead neurotherapist at Peak Brain Institute, specialising in evidence-based brain training; Dr Hill is also the lead neuroscientist at truBrain, a nootropic designed for optimal cognitive performance; he holds a PhD in cognitive neuroscience from…

Max Lugavere Limitless Mind Limitless Health Living Limitlessly

PODCAST/VIDEO: #6 Max Lugavere – Bread Head

A Limitless Mind with Max Lugavere – Director of ‘Bread Head’ In this latest podcast I talk with Max Lugavere – American television personality, producer, musician and director of the upcoming documentary Bread Head.  Bread Head explores the impact of our diets and lifestyles on brain health.  Changes in the brain begin decades before symptoms,…

Dave Asprey's Bulletproof conference 2015 Living Limitlessly

VIDEO: Bulletproof Conference

Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof (biohacking) Conference 2015 Eversince I had heard that the Bulletproof biohacking conference existed, I was pre-packed & all ready to go!  I bugged the staff at Bulletproof Exec relentlessly for about 6 months wanting to know the date of the conference…and I have to say, they were pretty patient with me! (thanks…

Coach Couching Living Limitlessly Are you fake happy?

VIDEO: Are you ‘fake’ happy?

Are you ‘fake’ happy? In this session, Marta Taylor asks the question – Are you fake happy? When a negative emotion comes up, do you just say, “I’ll think positive and it will all work out”? Do you deal with your emotions before trying to “get on with it”? International life coach, Grace Gedeon will…

Living Limitlessly Couch Coaching Social Media - how much is too much

VIDEO: Social media

Is there such a thing as too much social media?  That depends…is it causing issues in your life?…do you base your self esteem on how many ‘likes’ you get?…are you comparing yourself to others and how they look and what they portray on their accounts?